Gospel for Asia: How to Be a Blessing to Other People

Have you ever thought of becoming a blessing to other people? We are living in a world full of crimes, disaster, hunger, and poverty, and most of us are still striving and thinking that the world is not that bad at all. As Christians, it is our responsibility and duty under the gospel and before God to help the needy and the oppressed in the best way we can because we are considered as "one" in Christ's body. We need to be socially responsible even if we have our own lives because we are committed to loving God, and by loving God, we need to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Jesus is the true example of a good role model that we should emulate, so we need to be a good example for other people, most especially to the children because more than the food we eat, and the water we drink, we must sustain our spirituality like what Jesus did.

With great love and care for our neighbors, we can help them through our simple endeavors. In the school, you can help your classmates by being a tutor for those who need help with their academics if you're still a student. Be an example to your classmates by not being a bully and respecting the rights and preferences of your classmates. You may also become a blessing to your fellow youth by encouraging your friends and classmates to join religious youth camps and conferences. Encourage your parents and relatives to donate any kind of goods to charities or even hold fund raising for Christmas giveaways for the poor.

As adult Christians, you can become a blessing to other people by serving your religious congregation, participating in volunteer work, or simply donating to charity. There are countless ways to become a blessing to other people, to your employees or with your colleagues by reading the bible or gospel reading on your break or lunch time, sharing your religious views or insights, sending inspirational quotes on their emails, and asking them how is their day so far. Get more facts about news at https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Huffington-Post.

A simple smile on your face or saying "hi" and "hello" can make a difference in someone else's life. It is also a good idea patronizing your own local products and services to help business owners and employees in your locality. It is also a good idea to be a good social media influence, sharing the good news using your Facebook accounts like posting inspirational quotes and gospel for asia quotes.

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